General and Preventive Dentistry

While we offer many services at Over the Mountain Dentistry, hygiene cleanings and exams are the most important step to maintain a healthy smile. Regardless of how often you brush and floss, you are bound to run into oral health problems. Since no one is immune to tooth decay, we serve both children and adults.

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Teeth Cleanings | At OTM Dentistry we know dental problems can happen any time. Proper dental care is essential to your overall health.  During your visit you will receive a full cleaning, a comprehensive exam from Dr. Carter, and an oral cancer screening. If you are a new patient, you will have a longer appointment to allow us time to get to know you and review your dental history. At the end of your visits, we will review oral hygiene techniques to help prevent future oral health problems.

Gum Disease Therapy | Bacteria that feed on sugars around the teeth cause gum disease, also called periodontal disease or gingivitis. When these bacteria enter the gums, painful infections can develop. Symptoms of gum disease include bleeding, tenderness, receding gums, loose teeth, persistent bad taste and breath, or the formation of pockets between teeth and gums. We offer various gum disease treatment services, including non-surgical treatment options.

Crowns and Bridges | If you have missing or significantly damaged teeth, crowns and bridges can help you regain a confident smile. A crown is an aesthetic restoration that surrounds a damaged tooth or dental implant to provide stability.  Most crowns are needed when a large cavity threatens the health of a tooth. Bridges are similar to crowns and fill gaps left by multiple missing teeth. We offer Tooth-Colored BruxZir® Solid Zirconium Crowns & Bridges. The white ceramic material is matched to the shade of your teeth and is more aesthetically pleasing than gold or metal.

Fillings | Tooth decay often leads to cracked and chipped teeth that require filling in order to repair the damage. Dental fillings help to eliminate pain in the tooth and prevent further decay by providing protection from bacteria. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings can help us determine whether or not you need a dental filling. We only place tooth colored fillings and do not use amalgam, also called "silver-fillings." These fillings will restore functionality to your tooth without anyone realizing you have a filling in place.

Inlays and Onlays | A dental inlay or onlay is used when decay or damage is too much for a filling to fix, but a dental crown is not necessary. An inlay is similar to a filling, but it lies within the cusps (bumps) on the chewing surface of your tooth. An onlay is larger than an inlay and is used when one or more cusps of the tooth need repair. Both options are very durable and will last many years if the patient continues with regular cleanings and exams.

Root Canal Treatments | The area that exists inside the walls of a tooth is called the root canal. When there is tooth decay, the pulp inside this chamber is in danger of permanent damage. This is when root canal treatment is necessary to save the remaining tooth before it is damaged beyond repair. During root canal treatment, the decay is cleaned out and the root canal chamber is filled with a tooth-colored material to protect the tooth from further decay and damage.

If you are in need of any of the general and preventative dental services we offer, you can contact us or call us at 205.968.1296 to schedule an appointment.