Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Brushing and flossing can only go so far in protecting our teeth from damage.  Some of the foods we eat can actually make this more difficult.  From highly acidic foods to sugary treats, many of our favorite snacks could be harming our teeth.

At Over the Mountain Dentistry our goal is to keep the mouth of everyone in Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook and in all of Birmingham Alabama healthy for years to come.  To better this goal, we thought we should share some of the foods that can damage your teeth.  Some of these foods might surprise you, but limiting them can further protect your teeth from potential damage.

Pickled vegetables have an incredibly high vinegar content, which do great harm to your teeth.  Vinegar is highly acidic and can break down the enamel on your teeth.  Without enamel. your teeth become more sensitive to hot and cold foods and are more prone to cavities and other damage.

Pickled vegetables are healthy for you, especially if they have been picked in a brine solution rather than vinegar.  Vegetables pickled in brine are better for your teeth and are also high in probiotics.  If you eat vegetables that have been pickled in vinegar, you should be sure to rinse your mouth afterward to remove the acid on your teeth.

Another food that can damage your teeth is citrus fruits.  While healthy and high in essential vitamins like vitamin C, citrus fruits have a high acidic content.  This causes the same problem as pickled vegetables.  The high acidity can wear down enamel and cause further damage to your teeth.

Additionally, dried fruits are also hazardous.  Dried fruits often have a higher sugar content than fresh fruit.  The are also sticky, which can case these sugars to get trapped in between your teeth.  This causes bacteria to grow which can lead to further damage.  It is always best to rinse at least once after you snack on these fruits.

Just because soda doesn’t contain any sugar doesn’t mean it is a healthier choice for your teeth.  Diet sodas still have a high acid content, making them damaging to your enamel.

You should especially avoid drinking soda right before bed as this allows the acid to rest on your teeth overnight and wear down enamel.  Avoiding soda entirely  can help protect your teeth from damage, however if you do have a soda you should brush your teeth immediately after.

Of course, avoiding these foods and practicing good oral hygiene habits helps protect your teeth from damage, but even the most careful patients develop cavities.  Be sure to visit Over the Mountain Dentistry at least twice a year to ensure your teeth are as healthy as possible.

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