Dentist in Birmingham AL

dentist in birmingham alWelcome to Over the Mountain Dentistry. We are a Dentist in Birmingham AL that serves families in Birmingham, AL, Homewood, AL, and Mountain Brook, AL. How can we serve you?

We are pleased to offer:

  • MAINTAIN YOUR SMILE: GENERAL & PREVENTIVE – keep your teeth clean and polished with our preventive dental services. Maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile for you and your family is our mission.
  • CHILDREN’S DENTISTRY: SMILES FOR LIFE – We are a family practice that treats adults and children of all ages.
  • DENTISTRY FOR TEENAGERS – Has your teenager outgrown their pediatric dentist? Are they looking for a more “grown up” dental experience? We are the right practice for them!
  • ENHANCE YOUR SMILE: COSMETIC TREATMENTS – We offer cosmetic treatments to give you the best smile you have ever had! Veneers, teeth Whitening, and more!
  • RESTORE YOUR SMILE: RESTORATIVE TREATMENTS – Have you recently lost or broken a tooth? Our restorative dental treatments will get your smile back to where it once was, but even better!
  • ALIGN YOUR SMILE: CLEARCORRECT® CLEAR ALIGNERS – Lets face it, most people don’t like wearing big metal braces on their teeth. ClearCorrect® Clear Aligners are virtually invisible! They can align your teeth in a little as six months!
  • PROTECT YOUR SMILE: CUSTOM MOUTH GUARDS – Specially fitted dental mouth guards can help protect your smile. Whether they protect your teeth in athletic competitions or from teeth grinding at night, mouth guards are more effective when fitted and made by a dentist!
  • DENTAL IMPLANTS: REPLACE TEETH – have you recently lost a tooth? Dental Implants are a safe, effective and durable option for tooth replacement. They will make your smile look brand new!
  • BOTOX® COSMETIC TREATMENT – We are pleased to provide Botox® Cosmetic for our patients. Not only can these procedures improve the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, they can be used to enhance the beautiful cosmetic dentistry that we provide at our office.
  • STOP SNORING WITH SNORE APPLIANCES – These small oral appliances are used only during sleep. They prevent the jaw and tongue from dropping back into the throat and closing off the air passage. Keeping the air-way open greatly reduces snoring.