5-Star Membership Program

5-Star Membership Program

Exclusively for patients of
Over the Mountain Dentistry

Tired of insurance company hassles?
Want to eliminate deductibles or out-of-pocket fees?
How about no annual maximums?

Over the Mountain Dentistry has a solution for you and your family!

This program includes 5-STAR VIP Benefits:

  • 2 Hygiene Visits Per Year
  • 2 Doctor Exams
  • Cavity Detecting and Diagnostic X-rays
  • 1 Emergency Exam Per Year
  • Gum Exam
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • 10% Immediate Savings on Any Recommended Treatment
  • 5-Year Material Warranty with 2 Hygiene Visits Per Year

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Over the Mountain Dentistry is not an insurance carrier.
This is not an insurance plan.
Offers subject to change.